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Notice: Due to having my exam class in 2017-2018 this shop will be closed until the end of July 2018. Please contact me through Facebook if you would like to commission any piece during this time.

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 photo 19702184_10213649500495409_5114384940271999930_n_zpsdkrvrhg6.jpg  photo DSC00505_zpsyjil4gw8.jpg  photo DSC00491_zps0tvubutk.jpg
 photo DSC00389_zpsmm7sruto.jpg  photo 10275912_10203722129237332_2186439945534783397_n_zpssnqpza80.jpg  photo DSC00285_zpsw6qm8cm5.jpg
 photo DSC00222.jpg  photo 14224894_10210447563408983_8815479268572231136_n.jpg  photo 14264255_10210447562288955_2837074675151251977_n.jpg  photo 13567231_10209840791120055_1924758655811148981_n.jpg  photo 13140840_10209394522723624_1737601598_n.jpg  photo 1012102_10208284063362834_5725818547623909203_n.jpg  photo 11822647_10207406493024124_3645107920518699167_n.jpg  photo 11896166_10207457561020792_7590891079771878983_n.jpg  photo 14657284_1173687056032716_6782330746703735078_n.jpg  photo DSC00020 - kopie.jpg

 photo 12243249_10208053189511132_5328971829657646956_n.jpg  photo 12241797_10208053213071721_4603532535075056908_n.jpg  photo 11896092_10207475104139359_2105056245632137871_n.jpg  photo 11990401_10207559758775672_9069112684494455805_n.jpg  photo 13606749_1062318240502932_8005793143939260304_n - kopie.jpg  photo 12924383_10209050859692263_9177163313949572762_n.jpg  photo 11896111_10207459186181420_3878686303416041949_n.jpg  photo 946182_10208432411511445_6713149937494385912_n.jpg

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NOTICE: please do not order if you are allergic to cats. I take the utmost care to send out products clean and neat, but I cannot prevent a stray hair being looked over. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you Marieke for helping me set up the site!

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