Notice: Due to having my exam class in 2017-2018 this shop will be closed until the end of July 2018. Please contact me through -> Facebook if you would like to commission any piece during this time.

About Atelier Pastelchan: Atelier Pastelchan is the Official Facebook page of the Dutch Lolita Fashion Designer Pastelchan. Atelier Pastelchan makes and sells Lolita Fashion. My designs are mostly Oldschool Lolita. I specialize in petite sizing. I also accept commissions for Lolita, Cosplay and Fantasy Clothing.


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NOTICE: please do not order if you are allergic to cats. I take the utmost care to send out products clean and neat, but I cannot prevent a stray hair being looked over. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you Marieke for helping me set up the site!

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